My sessions with Janmarie fly by. She is enthusiastic, encouraging and FUN! I'm always surprised by how much I am able to accomplish, and I'm already impressed with the results. Feeling fit, strong, and excited! Mornings that start at Studio27 are my favorite mornings!

-Michelle S.

Love this place! Janmarie is an awesome trainer who pushes you to your limits to get the results you want! The environment is clean and welcoming. Flexible appointments are available. Wouldn't train anyplace else. Janmarie is the best!

-Chris L.

"Inventive, new, fresh and exciting each and every time that I train with Janmarie. Her dedication to her clients and her expertise combined are enough to make you wanna 'drop and give her 20.' What she puts out, you want to give her right back: dedication and hard work! I love how my body and mind feel after a session with her! Results are amazing!"

-Gina K.

"I've been working with Janmarie for a few months and I have never felt stronger or healthier. Janmarie's sessions are challenging and she engages her clients to push themselves toward success. Her easygoing, friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere to push a client to meet and exceed personal fitness goals. Every workout is full of praise and humor along with a clear dialogue. She also places a high value on correct form with each exercise. My balance and flexibility have improved immensely and I've got great new muscles. The afterburn is lasting and I know every minute of my session with Janmarie was time well spent! If you are serious about changing your body, Janmarie will lead you to fulfill all of your fitness goals. Thank you, Janmarie, you are the best!"

-Jackie S.

" 'You can do anything for thirty seconds,' is said with a smile as you struggle to hold an excruciatingly uncomfortable pose suspended from the TRX for what seems like an eternity. Ironically, that's why she's amazing! She creates individualized routines that are challenging, but never more than what you can handle. Janmarie is truly a master of her craft in an industry chock full of wannabes. She embodies change and inspires her clients to do the same. She is passionate, enthusiastic and FUNNY! Her energy is infectious. She makes the workouts fun while pushing you past your self-imposed limits to achieve maximum results. If you are serious about making a commitment to fitness and living a healthier life, then Janmarie will guide you every step of the way."

-Tiffany C.

"Janmarie is amazing and the best trainer ever. She really cares!"

-Randi Z.

"As I entered my 50's, I got less and less active. I literally started to atrophy! (Ever heard of frozen shoulder?) After completing my physical therapy, my daughter strongly suggested I go with her to see Janmarie. I'm more active now than I have ever been. I'm hitting my daily step goal and seeing Janmarie twice a week - once with my daughter and once with my husband. Now I feel better, look better, and can keep up with my grandson...most of the time!"

-Joy S.

"In high school, my idea of weight training was sitting in a machine, lifting the lightest weight, only when the teacher glanced over. I have very little knowledge or confidence in a gym, and I don't much care for working out. Of course, as you get older, you start seeing things differently - especially after having a baby. I knew I needed to start taking better care of myself, but I had no idea how to do that. Janmarie showed me how to get the maximum workout without spending all day at the gym. She helped me to see that even when I wasn't seeing the numbers I wanted on the scale, I was getting stronger. My son also helps me see that, now that I can play with him the way I couldn't before. Janmarie focuses on form and technique to prevent injury, but will challenge you at your level. I would recommend Janmarie to anyone."

-Laura M.

"My fitness journey has a funny beginning: my best friend bought me a woman's cut soccer jersey and I was upset that I couldn't fit into it. My wife and I decided to join a gym, but we didn't really have much knowledge about what workouts to do or equipment to use. Then we found Janmarie. She finds ways to motivate and train people of all skill levels, and helps meet your goals with realistic and honest training and timeframes. She is very adaptive and has given me different workouts and exercises on a weekly basis that I also use on my own time at the gym. She is with no doubt the best motivator, teacher, trainer I have met in fitness."

-Dennis M.

Client Testimonials

"I have worked with Janmarie one-on-one for over six months. She is skilled, thoughtful, sensible and a pleasure to work with. She knows how and when to encourage and when to push! The results are amazing! I highly recommend Janmarie to anyone seeking a personal trainer."

-Cathy T.

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